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Theoretical Biophysics Laboratory

Institute of Biophysics, SB of Russian Academy of Sciences

Akademgorodok, 660036 Krasnoyarsk Russia

Tel: (3912) 494328


  • 1996 Ph.D., Biophysics, Institute of Biophysics, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

  • Ph.D. thesis Realization of neuron nets with fixed structure on the analog element's base

  • 1990 M.Sc., Neuron Nets and Neurocomputers, Institute in absentia of the Central Direction of Engineering Society, Moscow, Russia

  • 1984 M.Sc., Designing and Making of Radio Equipment, Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute, Krasnoyarsk, Russia


  • 1994-2008 Research Fellow, Institute of Biophysics of SB RAS

  • 1990-1993 Post-Graduate Student, Institute of Biophysics of SB RAS

  • 1989-1990 Head of Computer laboratory, Chair of physiology, Krasnoyarsk Medicine Institute

  • 1987-1989 Senior Engineer, Institute of Physics of SB RAS

  • 1985-1987 Senior Engineer, Institute of Biophysics of SB RAS

  • 1984-1985 Engineer, Institute of Biophysics of SB RAS


Adaptive nonlinear hierarchical models in biosphere, ecology, and biology investigations; Biosphere cycles; Global ecological crises; Complex adaptive systems; Neuron nets methods for resolving of different problems of sciences; Image recognition; Neuron Nets

Total of scientific works is more than 150.


  • Has developed the method of the automated designing of analogous neuroprocessors also has created the experimental neuroprocessor

  • Has proposed and tested on the ecological data a neural network method of the decision of difficult classification problems

  • Has proposed and tested the method of continuous tracking multidimensional dynamic objects on the basis of neural networks which adapt in a continuous mode

  • Has proposed and tested the method of dynamic reciprocal adaptation of multidimensional nonlinear objects at the decision of the common task for them

  • Has proposed and tested the series of adaptive control methods on the basis of Algorithm of Dual Functioning (back-propagation)

  • Has proposed and was in charge of creation of the Algorithm of Self-Adaptation for "training" neural nets (and for tuning of others adaptive networks and systems)

  • Has proposed and was in charge of creation of the mathematical structure of adaptive networks for non-stationary signals processing

  • Has proposed and was in charge of creation of the mathematical structure of hierarchical adaptive networks

  • Has proposed the Concept of Adaptive Systems

  • Has shown ecosystem models with an "adaptive" metabolism of individuals describes stability properties of real ecosystems more adequately then ecosystem models based on a "rigid" metabolism


Work on an adaptive metabolism:

Bartsev S.I., Lankin Yu.P. Dynamics of ecological system at the approaching to complete closure // 36th COSPAR SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLY, Beijing, China, 16-23 July 2006. Abstract-number: COSPAR2006-A-02804; Paper-Number: F4.5-0008-06. it is included in advances of the Russian Academy of Sciences for 2006:

The project "Few-dimensional" theoretical and experimental models of the organization and evolution of biogenic elements cycle in biosphere" (leader is Corresponding Member of RAS A.G.Degermendji, IBP SB RAS) 2007. Origin and evolution of biosphere. Subprogram II. The summary report for 2006 to the Russian Academy of Sciences: Coordinators: N.L.Dobretzov, Academician of RAS, and G.A.Zavarzin, Academician of RAS, Institute of cytology and genetics SB RAS. P. 66-67, Novosibirsk, 2007. P. 66-67 (Russian).


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  • Grant #00-07-90111, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2000-2002

  • Title: "Electronic Collection of IBSO of natural and genetically modified organisms with marker bioluminescent system"

  • Grant #03-04-49755, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2003-2004

  • Title: "Approaches to reduction of complexity of biological systems by using the description of symmetry property on the sample of neuron net phenomenological model"

  • Grant #03-06-96108, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2003-2003

  • Title: "Social-economic principles in the organization of optimum nature resources exploitation"

  • Grant # 148, Integration Project, Siberian Brunch of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2003-2005

  • Title: "Self-organization, catalysis and chemical evolution process in gravity and thermodynamically unstable systems which model the beginning stage of Earth formation"

  • State contract # 10104-71/P25/155-320/090605-006, 2004-2005

  • Title: Experimental-theoretical analysis of biotic circulation mechanism as the base of stability of complicated over-organisms systems

  • Grant #04-05-64188, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2004-2006

  • Title: "Ecology of microbial communities of the natural and artificial of water ecosystems"

  • Grant #06-04-49016, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2006-2009

  • Title: Theoretical and experimental modeling of beginnings of the autocatalytic systems able to evolution complication as an initial stage of the simplest pre-biological systems formation"